Project Overview

Project Overview

KY 536 Project Area.  Click here to view a pdf.

The northern Kentucky region has been the focus of a study (IJS Report March 2010 (pdf)) to investigate the causes of congestion and safety issues surrounding the I-75 corridor around the interchanges at KY 536 and KY 338.  Many solutions have been proposed and considered during this process.  From this study, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is proposing a double crossover diamond (DCD) for the I-71/75 & KY 536 interchange and the surrounding area to give drivers a safer, less congested drive.

Draft Purpose and Need (pdf).


Crash History (2009-2011).  Click here to view a pdf.

For more than a decade, the area surrounding the KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road) interchange has experienced rapid growth.  The resulting increase in employment, education, and residential traffic has burdened the existing transportation system.  This major transportation artery has also been taxed by general grown along I-75, which is one of the nation’s largest commercial routes.  This growth has resulted in increased traffic congestion and accident rates that are above statewide averages.

Once considered a principally agricultural area, this community has largely transitioned into a thriving mixed-use area of commercial, industrial, educational, and residential sections.  Based upon land use projections, by 2030, the study area will lose nearly all of its agricultural land, while residential and industrial uses will approximately double.  These changes, along with overall demand on the interstate system, will increase both safety concerns and traffic congestion. As a result, KYTC commissioned an Interchange Justification Study (IJS) to identify transportation-related problems and needs, develop potential improvement options, and ultimately recommend a preferred alternative for improving traffic flow and safety within the corridor.

*Information taken from the Interchange Justification Study (IJS) created by the KYTC.

Study Area

KY 536 interchange

IJS Proposed Layout for KY 536 and I-71/I-75 Interchange, March 2010. Click here to view a pdf.

The study area encompasses the full entrance and exit ramps along I-71/I-75 at KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road) as well as the area spanning west to east from Tiburon Drive to US 25.

Project Status

During the 2016 legislative session, the Kentucky General Assembly changed the dates for when the subsequent project phases will be eligible for funding, Presently, this project is in the final design phase.  

Project Timeline (Federal fiscal year):
Right of Way        2017
Utility Relocation  Not funded in current biennium
Construction         Not funded in current biennium

*Proposed year of funding is pending.  This will be addressed in the 2018 legislative session by the General Assembly.

Right-of-Way (R/W) funds have been authorized for KYTC to begin this phase of the project.  A R/W consultant has been selected and appraisals are underway.  Because there are 42 parcels to negotiate, we anticipate that the process of acquiring R/W for the KY 536 corridor will take up to 1.5 years.  Construction cannot begin until right-of-entry is procured for all parcels.

As shown above, construction funds are currently scheduled for fiscal year 2019.  This means the first day on which KYTC District 6 can request these funds is October 1, 2018. Every two years, on the even year, the KY General Assembly convenes and re-establishes the funding for all roadway projects across the state.  It is to be hoped that funds are not changed from the October 1, 2018.

The KYTC  is also seeking a federal grant via FASTLANE.  Qualifications for this grant are such that this project would be combined with the I-75 Auxiliary Lanes (6-14.5) and the I-75/KY 338 interchange (6-18.00) reconstruction projects.  Should the Cabinet be awarded this grant all three projects will be accelerated.  The federal government has not provided any date as to when their decision of grant recipients will be announced.


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